Sunway Education group of institutions aims to increase the credibility and accessibility of academic certificates through OpenCerts, a self-verifiable, tamper proof electronic verification.

Important note: This site, is the only official site used to verify Sunway certificates. Beware of any other sites claiming to be such.

Note: It is recommended to use the latest Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

  1. Upload or Drag-and-Drop: To verify an OpenCerts certificate, upload or drag-and-drop the (.opencert) file into the verification window provided.
  2. Validation Outcome:
    • If the file opens successfully in the viewer without any error messages, it indicates that the certificate is verified and authentic.
    • The verifier will be able to see that the certificate has not been tempered with and it is issued by the respective institution.
    • Conversely, if the certificate has been forged, tampered with, or is invalid, the verification process will return a corresponding failure status.
  3. Sunway Verifier Page: A successful validation on the Verifier page serves as a valid confirmation that the digital academic certificate is genuine.

  1. When the OpenCert is issued to you for the first time, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to create your password.
  2. Simply follow the instructions to complete the set up. Once your account has been created, you may log in and to view your certificate at any time.
  3. From the Documents page, click the ‘Share To’ button to enable sharing and share the certificate with an employer / university.
  4. You can share the file as an attachment via email, download the file, print the file, or share it on social media via a sharing link or QR code. You can also set an expiry for the link before sharing.
  5. You can send the .opencert file to an employer / university, and direct them to the current page to verify the authenticity of your academic qualifications digitally.
  6. You can save the .opencert file on your computer, just like any other softcopy files which you have but you must retain the file extension (.opencert). Any edits made to the content of the .opencert file will result in an authentication failure during the verification process.

Graduates are responsible for maintaining access to the digital academic certificate issued to them.
The handling of the digital academic certificate must comply with the data protection obligations of the PDPA Act.